Will work to travel

12 thoughts on “Will work to travel”

    1. I don’t know if there’s such a thing as “too much travel” for me. Haha. But I definitely don’t believe there’s only one way to travel 🙂


      1. That can happen I guess. Sometimes it helps to change things up – travel closer to home or take longer holidays so long flights don’t feel as taxing. But hey, travel is a different experience for everybody. I think it’s best to do what makes you happy – travel or no travel 🙂
        How about you? Where would you like to travel and how do you like to travel?


      2. I would like to travel to North America, Europe, Eastern countries by plane. Actually, coming from Africa, precisely Cameroon, I have always longed for an opportunity to travel and talk to people in other lands about the culture and traditions of my own people because I believe these are things Western people might like to hear and know things outside what they are used to. I am still hoping the opportunity could come up some day.

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      3. It’s so nice to know that you want to share your culture while learning about new ones. I hope you get the opportunity to travel wherever you want, however you want soon! And when you do, I hope I get to read about it 🙂


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