“Ooh… Jimi Hendrix!”

3 thoughts on ““Ooh… Jimi Hendrix!””

  1. I actually agree with your father. I don’t think you should tie down a Word and force it to take on only one job.

    If possible, a Word should take on multiple part-time jobs apart from its main 9-5 one. I mean, what’s time to a Word, right? Does it have things to do on its day off? :p

    I used to collect random words and use them as my catchphrase too. Japanese words like “banzai”. It literally means “long life” but I used “banzai” when I want to say something is totally cool. Like “Japan is totally banzai!”

    But I gave up that practice when I started befriending people who could speak Japanese properly.

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    1. Hahaha.. Well that’s one way of looking at things! And “banzai” story by the way… Hahaha.. Imagine if you could get your Japanese speaking friends to use banzai the way you do!

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