Waking up to Chinese breakfast in Kolkata

11 thoughts on “Waking up to Chinese breakfast in Kolkata”

    1. I’ve got some more Kolkata stories lined up, hopefully I’ll post them soon!

      You’re moving to India soon, aren’t you?! How exciting, I think you’ll love it. If you visit Kolkata during your stay, the Chinese market is something you should try. And Bengali food by itself is ah-mazing!

      Actually, once you’re here, there’s a lot of good food to be tried and hopefully it’ll inspire some new recipes for you 🙂

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      1. I am so excited! Looking forward to your Kolkata stories. Yes, I LOVE Bengali food. Actually tried it for the first time in Japan (of all places) and fell in love! The colours! The spice! WOW. So it’s readily available there?

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      2. Of all the places! How cool is it that! Do you have Bengali friends in Japan? Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal, so yes, all the Bengali food you want is here and at its best 🙂 when are you coming down?

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