Why it’s high time I let go of my excess baggage

5 thoughts on “Why it’s high time I let go of my excess baggage”

  1. I remember when I left for my adventure to South East Asia with a massive backpack, another one just hanging above my belly. I wish. It was completely covering it.
    As months went by I kept getting rid of my stuff. After 5months I got a smaller backpack and got into a wash & go routine 🙂
    I would simply wash my clothes every single day in a sink, which helped me to keep it to minimum 🙂 nothing like being able run while you’re with your backpack. Happy travels!! 🙂

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    1. Hahahah! So true. Just that travelling means you have to take that dilemma with you everywhere. Thank you for reading and commenting. And thank you for putting a smile on a face in the morning 🙂

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