Iftaar treats | Bannerghatta Road

In the 7th grade, my now best friend of 13 years, invited me home for iftaar. The only two things that I can recall from that meal are the apple-date milkshake and these little home-made triangular pastries that resembled samosas but were a lighter, softer and non-deep fried version of it. I remember how delicate they were … Continue reading Iftaar treats | Bannerghatta Road

Iftaar treats: Mohammed Ali Road in Mumbai

Imagine a bustling decades-old street, occupied to the brim with food stalls and shops, some covered in the hissing smoke arising from kebabs on the coal-fired grill, some resonating the cheers that arise every time dough hits hot oil and each one’s lure stronger than the other. There are people everywhere, there’s even more food everywhere. Luscious, rich, heavy food. … Continue reading Iftaar treats: Mohammed Ali Road in Mumbai